Pe.Sa Gomme make reconstructed tires and always aims for best quality of their products, this is the reason why they obtained and manteins the certification, based on the regulation ISO 9001 and 2008 for their quality management system. It has also been acknowledged “Authorized Centre of Reconstruction” by the KBA (German Ministry of Transport) based on the legislation act ECU ONU 108 and 109 which controls the reconstruction of tires which are destined for road use.

To obtain this confirmation it is essential to make reconstructed tires according to precise technical specifications and to overcome the annual load/speed tests conducted in the authorized laboratories of the KBA (German Ministry of Transport) From the safety point of view, with the introduction of the new legislations regarding ratification,also obligatory in Italy since september 2006, reconstructed tires have reached a level of trustworthiness and effciency equivalent to new tires. For all these reasons when choosing reconstructed tires made by Pe.Sa Gomme means you are choosing a product that has been checked and is as safe as a new tire.

ISO 9001:2008  ISO 14001 Certificazione KBA Certificazione QualitàCertificazione Qualità