For more than forty years Pe.Sa Gomme spa is a reality leader in the reconstructed tire sector and not. A strong and vast experience that has matured in time, thanks to a structure of national and international importance, today Pe.Sa Gomme offers a high-level of quality and safety in the reconsturcted tire market. Important certificates obtained are demostrating evidence of high reliability of our production system.

The success of Pe.Sa Gomme is due to the willingness of the company in proposing better and more trustworthy products, by using this daily philosophy our tires carry our hall-mark all over the world. The advanced technologies used by Pe.Sa Gomme permits a detailed and accurate control on all the tires that have to overcome tests and verifications, this is the reason why when quality and safety is required we are always present with our tires. Innovation and continuous research are always a fundamental objective for our technicians and for a company which always moves with the times. The research sector studies and designs new treads in order to guarantee reliability and safety. Pe.Sa Gomme not only produces reconstructed tires but also offers a high-level of assistance to all their clients.

It commercializes in the best brands of new tires in the centre of Balanzano (Perugia), also offering an team of experts ready for every eventuality. The mobile repair department offers a complete and direct assistance bringing the best solution in every location, thanks to our distribution net we guarantee delivery and withdrawal of our products all over the world. 

For the last forty years Pe.Sa Gomme spa is synonymous of total quality made in Italy.