Retreaded tyres for truck

The strongest point of our firm is certianly the heavy transport line. In this section the tires for truck are reconsturcted with the classical system "heated” with vulcaization moulds of estrusa rubber applied to the scratched carcuss . All truck tires produced are confirmed on the basis of the legislation act ECE ONU 109. This legislation became obligatory in Italy at the end of last year for all tires used by people and things destinated for road use.

The critiria of this legislation states that the procedure relative to the tire reconsturction must reduce the risk of use. To mantain this yearly certification a representative sample of truck tires have to overcome a series of load/speed tests conducted in specified laboratories in Germany. Every three years the establishment has to overcome an inspective visit conducted by Engineers of the KBA (German Ministry of Transport). Consequently we can state: "Travel safe with Pe.Sa Gomme tires”